40 YR Warranty Steel Siding & Roofing

Raw Material & Substrate

Steel comes in a wide variety of quality which has a direct bearing on thickness consistency as well as durability. We select only #1 substrate steel coils in our product.


The coil is coated with a #1 hot dipped galvalume alloy coating consisting of 55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon, and 53.4% zinc. Just like the coil, you can buy #2 or excess galvalume which makes the product have a wavy, inconsistent texture. Consistency from one coil to the next suffers as well when using poor grades of galvalume.

Paint System

There are numerous paint systems out there with 40 year warranties including kynar and ceramic based systems. These warranties on the paint system are related to fading, peeling, and chalking.

Purchasing the best coil, substrate, and paint system is the best protection available to make sure that your siding, roofing, and trims look good for many years to come.

Don’t Void Your Warranty

All metal suppliers demand that metal be cut without heat. Use of a nibbler, portable shear, or tin snips is required to not damage the metal from the get go.

When heat is applied to the paint system, substrate, and coil, rust will surely form there with time. Further, the little chips of metal that are sprayed around the area where cutting will damage the paint system where you did no cutting.

With OptiKits! Pole Barn Kits less metal needs to be cut so be sure to take the time, or get the right tools, to keep your steel in great shape for years to come.

Long Term Material Storage Tips


  • Phillip Blough

    Hello how much for a Pole barn:

    40′ L x 15′ W x 22′ H

    Delivered to 219 Maki Rd. Crystal Falls, MI 49920. Just an approximation for a 35′ Class A Motor home. Would like to make a Pole Barn Garage for it, with enough room to open slide out and baggage doors for packing, unpacking, and cleaning, ( out of the sun ).

    Thank you for your time.

    • admin

      Hello, we sent a quote to your email address today.

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