Affordable Commercial Storage Buildings

commercial storage building with bifold door

OptiKits! are perfect commercial storage solutions. With clear spans up to 100′ wide, these designs offer excellent flexibility and unbeatable cost per square foot.

With the benefit of maintenance free material, open floor plans, and fast efficient erection, these structures are the optimum choice for storage.

Our commercial buildings offer many options including outdoor storage for machinery or auction house items.

SS Auction Outdoor Storage Pavilion

Cold storage buildings are the least expensive to build. Post frame buildings are excellent choices for fully insulated commercial storage needs. Depending on code requirements, there are numerous options available for part time, or full time heated applications.

With fewer thermal breaks, post frame buildings are extremely efficient designs to insulate.

Perhaps the best attribute of post frame is the fact that the time between purchase and completion is incredibly quick. The last thing any business needs is long delays after their decision has been made, or even worse, dealing with long construction timetables.

Accelerate your building schedule with less manufacturing, delivery, and construction delays utilizing post frame construction.