APB Pole Building Features

APB buildings are constructed of the best grade products available using the same engineering principles used for commercial bonded projects. Each pole buildiong is composed of carefully and logically designed select product to achieve optimum results. Visit this page for more information about our pole barn kits.


Your pole buildings foundation will consist of premium sawn or laminated posts treated to UC4B or UC4C specifications as defined by the AWPA or ICC-ES.

No need to worry about post rot or posts that are so crooked they are difficult to frame a wall with. Each post is southern yellow pine and is purchased direct from the lumber mill and transported directly to your job site. Many posts on the market today are treated to fence post specifications and will surely rot. Don’t get stuck with the wrong post treatment level.


Dimensional lumber is also purchased direct from the mill. You will be pleased by the quality of the #2 product used for girts, purlins, and bracing material. Our door headers, truss supports, rafters, and skirt board are #1 Southern yellow pine so you can be sure that the loading factors used for our engineering calculations are actually present in the product used in all critical areas of your building. Your pole barns framing will take less time and look better with less effort.

Truss Design

Trusses are specified based upon the purpose of your building. Category I trusses are used for uninhabited buildings such as farm buildings and garages. Category II trusses are specified for buildings with living quarters or inhabited structures of any kind. All attic trusses are Category II.

We order your trusses with a thermal rating (Ct) of 1.2 which means unheated. Even if you plan to heat your building full time this specification is used in order to supply a sturdier truss that hasn’t been software adjusted to lesser values due to snow melt that occurs in heated structures.

Dead loads are not minimized either. The top chord dead load on our trusses is 5#, not 2,3, or 4 pounds as often used to barely pass code. The bottom chord loading is the same as the top chord. If you order sheathing for your roof we provide 10# dead loads. If you plan to drop a ceiling inside the bottom chord dead load is 10#.

Steel Siding & Roofing

Your building will include steel with a 40 year manufacturer warranty on the paint system offered by companies in business for 25 years or more. Trims include hems so you don’t end up with a plain look offered by cheaper metal systems and companies that are saving a buck.

The metal is individually wrapped and transported with care to make sure that it looks as good on your building as it did when rolled at the factory. In the unlikely event something is damaged you have ample time to inventory and identify damage so we can obtain replacement material quickly and at no cost to you.


Our standard buildings include 100% hot dip galvanized nails unlike other offerings that use commons or galvanized nails only in certain locations. We also offer stainless wood-binder screws as an option for commercial jobs and any building whose owner specifies them. We provide 1 fastener per sqft not the typical .8 per sqft to satisfy our fastening schedule included with your plans.


You won’t find options for closure strips in our buildings. They come as standard equipment to close off your building to make critters find another way in and to prevent leaks. We highly recommend condensation barriers for all buildings with steel roofing but they are offered as an option only. We will discuss it with you if it isn’t ordered to make sure you don’t have condensation issues unexpectedly down the road.

We offer many things that are not options on our website. Attic trusses, window shutters, equine products like dutch doors, bale doors, stall packages to name a few. Email or call us for additional options you need and we will get right back to you.

Door & Windows

We offer excellent quality doors and windows to complement the beauty of the building you design. CHI overhead doors and Ideal premium doors are offered. Therma-Tru and Cannonball entry doors combined with vinyl sliding windows and residential double hung windows to round out the offering. All sliding doors include trims and rails that are powder coated to the same color as the trims. Sliding doors include bottom guide systems so your door doesn’t flop around in the wind and damage your building.

Engineering Safeguards

We go the extra mile. All buildings include uplift protection and concrete footings designed for your building size, post spacing, and 3 second wind gust of the job site location. This means that your perfectly straight building today will stay straight after that bad wind storm that jacks other buildings crooked. It also means your building will not sink or settle during that massive snow storm with ice that bears down on the structure creating tremendous pressure.

If you have questions about pole building packages or post frame buildings please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project and any special needs you may have.