Pole Barn Plans

Available Engineer Stamped Nationwide

Our pole barn plans are complete, easy to follow, and are accompanied by how-to tips and free technical support. Nothing is left to chance as everything needed to build the structure are included in our pole building plans including the quantity of fasteners to use in every connection (something offered only with engineer stamped plans by the competition).
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How To Install Pole Barn Purlins

pole barn purlin installation methods

Installation of Pole Barn Purlins

Purlins are dimensional lumber that are fastened to the top chord of trusses connecting them together for bracing purposes. The purlin are ultimately used to fasten the roof steel providing a diaphragm effect, along with the siding, when properly engineered and installed. Spacing is typically 24″ on center in low snow loads and is reduced based upon truss span and snow load.
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How To Lay Out A Square Pole Building

Square A Pole Barn

Use batter boards and mason lines to form the outline of the building dimensions. Mason lines should be about 12″ above grade.

Posts are set 1 1/2″ inside the actual building dimension to leave room for the girts that are nailed to the outside perimeter of the posts (unless your construction technique will incorporate bookshelf girts). So when setting the mason lines for a 30×40 dimension the post will actually be set 1 1/2″ inside that dimension.
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RV Garage Buildings

rv garage in Michigan

If you need to get your RV out of the weather, or stop paying rent somewhere, then an RV garage from us is an ideal solution. We can provide a turnkey installed building or one of our DIY barn kits to solve your storage problem.

Post frame buildings provide inexpensive permanent storage solutions that are attractive and easy to build. They go up fast too! We can install your building in about a week.
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36′ x 36′ Horse Barn Plans

This is a four stall perfect horse barn plan with 12×12 tack room and storage area. This size is very popular and is economical to build. A 12′ wall height is ideal for barns with a 10′ porch on either or both sides. We recommend 10′ height as a bare minimum.

Ventilation is important in any horse barn. A slot along the top of the eave walls works better than simply opening windows. Horses are comfortable in winter weather with shelter from direct wind and will live happier and healthier if not placed in a stuffy barn comfortable by people standards.
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