Bookshelf Girts for Pole Barn Homes

Post frame homes can be built utilizing standard girts but we believe bookshelf girts are superior in many ways. Although a little more expensive to install and additional materials are required, the benefits are many.

For 6×6 posts or 3 ply 2×6 laminated posts we recommend 2×8 girts installed 1 1/2″ beyond the post to line up with the truss supports and skirt board. This method is strong, doesn’t require notching the posts for truss supports or skirt board, and provides enough room for 6″ of insulation and an air space between the siding and the insulation.

Pole barn homes with steel siding should also include sheathing and condensation barriers to protect your building from mold, condensation, and sound proofing.

bookshelf girts for pole barn homes
Bookshelf Girts for Pole Barn Homes / Laminated Post Orientation Endwall & Sidewall

Blocking is used to fasten the siding where girt rows exist and 2×6 bracing is used for nailing between rows of 2×8’s installed in strong position.

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      Yes. The girts are installed flush with the posts so the skirt board and truss supports are notched into the posts so they line up with the girts. The metal is applied on the outside and will cover about 1/2 of the skirt board (metal is started 4-6″ above grade, grade is the bottom of the skirt board).

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