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RV Garage Buildings

rv garage in Michigan

If you need to get your RV out of the weather, or stop paying rent somewhere, then an RV garage from us is an ideal solution. We can provide a turnkey installed building or one of our DIY barn kits to solve your storage problem.

Post frame buildings provide inexpensive permanent storage solutions that are attractive and easy to build. They go up fast too! We can install your building in about a week.
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Affordable Commercial Storage Buildings

commercial storage building with bifold door

OptiKits! are perfect commercial storage solutions. With clear spans up to 100′ wide, these designs offer excellent flexibility and unbeatable cost per square foot.

With the benefit of maintenance free material, open floor plans, and fast efficient erection, these structures are the optimum choice for storage.

Our commercial buildings offer many options including outdoor storage for machinery or auction house items.
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Affordable Pole Barn Homes

two story pole barn home with porch
Red & white two story pole barn home with porch

Post frame buildings require less labor, concrete for your slab, and possibly truss spacing when compared to stick built construction.

Our buildings are composed of top quality materials selected with care to ensure product quality and great pricing.

Here are some examples for major components of a pole barn home.
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Difference Between Pole Barns & Pole Buildings?

So, what is the difference between a pole barn and a pole building?

The most accurate description of both is post frame construction or post frame buildings but the pole barn and pole building acronyms both really mean the same thing. Regionally one term is preferred over the other.

For arguments sake, lets say pole barns are farm buildings or uninhabited garages or equipment storage buildings. Then pole buildings are structures that are inhabited or has some commercial use involving the public or residential purposes.

Then we can identify the distinct differences we offer for those two different applications and throw a name on both of them!

Pole Barns

An uninhabited building that is either cold storage or minimally insulated is the most simple structural design.
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