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Amtrak Rensselaer NY MOW Building

pole barn storage amtrak rensselaer ny

50x80x20 MOW Building with 40x30x16 Open

pole barn construction 50x80x20

Material Control and Maintenance Compound

Many commercial companies find uses for pole barns like this Amtrak building constructed by Bast Hatfield a large General Contractor in Clifton Park, NY.

This building is a material control and maintenance compound at 525 East Street, Rensselaer, NY near Albany.

Jacobswyper Architects LLP at 1232 Chancellor Street, Philadelphia, PA is the architectural firm on the project that was completed in late March 2014.

The main wing is 50′ wide x 80′ long with 20′ wall height.

The second wing is 40′ wide x 30′ deep with a 16′ wall height and full 40′ open gable end.

Amtrak Maintenance Building in Rensselaer, NY

Amtrak Maintenance Building in Rensselaer, NY