Girts | Stout Wall Systems

OptiKits! modular design means walls go up quick. This includes not only the girts but also the skirt board, truss supports, and siding too.

Our DIY pole barn kits fasten #2 spruce 2×4 girts to the posts using galvanized nails. We suggest you stagger each row of girts so the lumber breaks at different posts.

For high wind areas we use girt stiffeners for a cheap effective method of building a stout wall.

The girt stiffener is sized with the post so 4×6 and 6×6 posts use 2×6 girt stiffeners. An 8×8 post or multi-ply 2×8 laminated post would require a 2×8 girt stiffener.

The stiffener is located half way between the posts and nailed between the truss supports in strong position as shown below. The stiffener is nailed to each row of girts and the skirt board to strengthen up the center section of the wall between the post spacings.

This method is really strong, cheap, and easy for large post spacings and high wind areas to build a solid wall system.

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