Long Term Outdoor Storage Tips

If your plans include outdoor storage of pole barn kits for more than a couple of weeks you run a high risk of storage corrosion, mold and condensation related issues.

Air temperature, humidity and other factors impact storage concerns so these factors should be considered to make sure you don’t have a terrible surprise when opening bundles and beginning construction.

Storage Corrosion

The recommendation of most all steel suppliers is to store their product indoors out of the weather. If this isn’t possible then extreme efforts should be made to isolate and minimize condensation and moisture buildup on materials.

Depicts unlevel material storage
Long Term Material Storage Moisture Control

Tarping and NOT Leveling
Place a tarp on the ground in the proposed storage area. Place blocks on the tarp to raise the bundles up above the tarp to keep product out of puddling water. If the ground doesn’t have a natural incline then create an incline by setting blocks slightly higher on one end to promote drainage of any condensates that do occur.

How to tarp material for long term storage
Long Term Material Storage Tarping

Tarping a Cover
The tarp covering the material should allow air to flow in and out and should not be air tight or snugged up to the ground. This will allow air circulation and promote evaporation.

Other important factors are exposure time and temperature. There is no static way to measure when these steps are necessary. It is possible that storing a short period of time, like 2 weeks could result in damage. One customer reported that ants set up shop in his material that was stored for a couple of months with devastating results.

These factors are all important to prevent storage corrosion, mold, and condensates:

• Decrease water contact
• Moderating temperature extremes
• Immediately dry moisture exposed bundles
• Reduce site storage time as much as possible