FAQ | OptiKits!

Is delivery and sales tax included in your quoted prices?
Delivery is included if the computer has a route for your zip code. Right below the price on the dashboard it show delivery as included or not. We can provide a delivered estimate via telephone, email or fax so please contact us about it.

Sales tax is charged in the state of Texas.

Where will the material for my job be shipped from?
We have established a chain of suppliers in regions around the country that, in most cases, will deliver all materials on one truck. All delivery trucks will include a forklift, and sometimes a boom, to make unloading a snap.

I need a builder. Can you recommend one?
We can build for you in many areas. Our crews install doors, windows, cupolas, and other accessories during erection. We also pour slabs, aprons, and sidewalks. Contact Us for a free no obligation quote today.

If we don’t have crews close enough to you we may be able to refer a builder or at least tell you how much you can expect to pay!

Are all kits built the same and how do I know I will get a permit?
OptiKits! are designed using our engineers requirements for stamping each design we offer. Each plan-set, whether engineer stamped or not, is configured to your specific jobsite location.

Heavy snow load buildings require trusses 3′ on center, our OptiMax configuration. The OptiMax configuration is available on lower snow load packages as an upgrade.

High wind areas (greater than 90 mph 3 second wind gust) require girt stiffeners and additional bracing based upon wall height, building length, and other factors.

I see the prices. Where is the list of materials I get to build with?
Click the ‘SAVE QUOTE’ button to view the priced quotation and a detailed list of what is included. The material list is rebuilt each time a price is calculated.

I want my posts 8′ on center and trusses 4′ on center. Can you do that?
Yes. But only some sizes can be optimized using those spacings.

OptiKits! are a modular design concept based upon 9′ on center post spacings and truss spacings of 4′ 6″ on center for low snow load locations and 3′ on center for heavy snow loads. Please contact us for optimization using other spacings.

Design Center
We offer any size building using our design center which allows custom placement of doors and windows too. Try our design center.