Pole Barn Insulation Blankets


double bubble pole barn insulation

Double bubble pole barn insulation

Unheated Buildings

An unheated garage or farm building needs protection from condensation when the dew point is reached inside a metal building.

Double bubble condensation barrier consists of a radiant barrier foil top to repel heat when the sun beats down on the roofing and siding. It contains 1/4″ of bubble which is mostly air space on the inside and a white scrim condensation barrier to face the inside of the building. Sealing the building up is important for performance.

Single bubble condensation barrier is the same construction but is only 1/8″ thick. It is a little cheaper but is easier to tear during installation.

R19 Blanket Pole Barn Insulation

R19 Blanket Pole Barn Insulation

Pole Barn Insulation

For heated buildings requiring true R value a condensation barrier will not perform, nor will it meet code for most commercial applications.

For unfinished interiors our pole barn kits requiring high R values come with a dense fiber continuous blanket that is a friction fit between posts.

quick install rigid blanket insulation

Rigid Insulation

Installation is a simple friction fit between the posts requiring no girts or supports for the complete installation.

This insulation provides a PSK (polypropylene scrim kraft) faced condensation blanket on the inside, 6″ of dense fiber insulation between posts with no thermal breaks, and an air gap between the insulation and steel. This is a perfect environment to achieve maximum installed R value for your insulation investment.

The product is fire and moisture resistant. It doesn’t sustain fungi or bacterial growth and doesn’t promote corrosion. Made of 85% recycled material, no smell.


  • Dave Devey

    Do you sell the pole barn insulation blankets seperately. I just built a 30 x 45 pole building and need to install some insulation blankets between my posts on my walls. I have 9, 10, and 12 foot gaps between my posts.

    • admin

      The maximum width is 93″ for this product. I emailed the manufacturer to make sure. We can ship the product if its available. I will email you when I get an answer back.
      Robert Turner

  • Dennis

    E-mail prices forthe 93″ wide recycled blankets. Just Built 60x120x14ft tall building need walls and ceiling insulation thanks:

  • Do you sell the pole barn insulation kits? I have a wood pole barn; 50 X 80 with a 16′ ceiling, a 4/12 pitch, four sliders: 8′ X16′ and one entry door.

  • Justin

    Can I get some pricing on insulation? I need wall and Ceiling insulations. Poles are 7’6″ on center. Also need insulation for siding doors.

  • Mike nano

    I am having a 40 x40 x12 pole building being built the spacing between poles will be 8 ‘. Will be looking for insulation for the walls only. Also there will be 2 10 x 10 garage doors 1 entry door. Thank you.

  • Greg Pittman

    Could you please email me price for R19 Blanket Pole Barn Insulation for 110’x 55′ x 14′ building and a 50′ x 50′ x 25′ building? poles are 8′ on center. Thanks!

  • john garrett

    have a 40 by 30 pole b. and have 2 16 by 8 overhead doors. would like quote on r 19 insulation blanket for walls , have 10ft ceilings.

  • Gerald Reeves

    I have a 54 x 54 metal pole barn with 16′ side walls that I want to insulate with your material. How do you price your insulation rolls and how long does it take to get.

  • jake Haggerty

    I am looking for a product to insulate a steel pole barn constructed warehouse for a client. I need to get him a quote and I happened to come across this product and it looks perfect for my application. I was looking at the foil back fiber faced r-19 pole barn insulation kit. Can you tell me how that is sold? What shipping cost would be for upstate NY? Building is roughly 21′ H 2 wall at 75′ and one wall at 45′

  • can you pleae email me prices on insulation blankets? I am looking for 4 foot width, 60 foot long. I will need about 20 pieces this length and width. Thank you

  • Darrin

    Can you pleae email me prices on insulation blankets? I am going to insulate a 30x40x12 garage with 8 foot center post and am looking for options

  • Please E mail me prices on the R19 blanket for pole barn insulating. I would need 93″ width

  • Hi, I’m looking for a price for your 93″ insulation. Recently build a 32x48x10 barn and need insulation. Thanks, Dave

  • David Skinner

    Could you send me info and pricing on R-19 wall insulation for 8′ center post 14′ walls on a 40×72 building. I have 2 16′ wide x 12′ tall doors and 3 man doors.

    Is there anything special available for the ceiling with trusses 2′ o.c.?

  • Jana schwendy

    We have a 40 x 40 wood construction pole barn we would like a quote on the insulation for. 16 foot ceilings. 3 solid walls, rafter styling ceiling, the 4th wall has a 14.x 14 overhead door and one man walk thru door. Shipping to 13606

  • J Aschenberg

    Could I get prices for the
    R19 Blanket Pole Barn Insulation
    Our building is 40x40x14.
    Posts are 8′ on center. Thank you

  • Albert

    Looking for prices pre sq foot on you blanket insulation r19 thanks Albert I’m building 80 by 200 span

  • Peter Johnson

    I am building a Pole Barn/Shop 36’x72′. Wall height 16ft. Vertical 6″x6″ Posts are 8Ft O/C.
    I read the info on “PSK” Polypropylene Scrim Kraft Rigid Insulation R-19 Friction Fit, 93″ widths. Total sq ft needed is 3212.
    Please email regarding pricing and a contact person and phone number to speak with concerning some questions.
    Thank You for Your Help
    Peter Johnson

    • admin

      Sorry we only sell insulation with building packages.

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