RV Storage Buildings

rv storage buildings 18 bay

Get the ultimate in flexibility and savings using our OptiKits! post frame building design for RV storage buildings.

Using our on line design tool is a fast simple way to get delivered pole barn prices for your RV storage ideas.

Class A Motor Home

The largest RVs on the road require the largest doors. A 12′ wide x 14′ high overhead door is ideal for these larger investments. We suggest a 16′ tall building to leave room for slab thickness and a commercial overhead door opener.

Class B, Class C

For smaller motor homes we recommend a 12′ wide x 12′ high overhead door. For folding camper trailers, and fifth-wheel trailers we recommend a 12′ wide x 10′ high. Just add 2′ to the door height and use that for the building height when pricing your project.

• No slab required. Or pour the slab next year when budget permits.
• Custom sizes available
• Fast construction
• Superior strength against wind snow
• Protect your investment from sun, snow, rain, and rodents

RV Storage Ideas

• Save money and allow light in with eave lite panels. We can order white eave lites which allow significant light into the building but blocks harmful UV sources.

• Include a roof condensation barrier to prevent moisture buildup when dew point is reached in your building.

• Dress your building up with wainscot. Blending trim colors and 3′ or 4′ of wainscot on the bottom of the siding is an inexpensive option that can be visually appealing.

• Control humidity by venting the building to protect indoor contents.

RV Storage Buildings
A 24′ wide building is ideal with a 12′ wide door. For DIY construction, on line pricing is available for garage building kits including delivery. For an installed price please contact us for a quote.


  • James Heffel

    I am interested in a 14 bay RV metal storage building with 12 ft individual roll up doors identical to your photo
    I will provide the slab
    This project is in McCormick SC 29835

    • admin

      Mr. Heffel, we emailed our bid to you this morning. Thank you for contacting APB!

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