Trusses Supports Purlins

OptiKit trusses are specified as Category I (low risk to human life) agricultural trusses. See this page for more information about IBC risk categories.

For occupied buildings or residential code projects our truss specification must be changed for permitting. The additional cost is minimal for most projects and these changes simply mean you get a stronger truss, usually with better plates.

The truss will be ordered using Exposure B or C. This will show up on your truss drawing as Ce B or Ce C depending on whether your job site is exposure B (some protection by trees/buildings) or C (no protection from the wind whatsoever).

All OptiKit trusses are ordered as unheated buildings, even if the building is to be heated. By requiring the Ct 1.2 designation the truss is designed for your snow load without any ‘help’ by having a heated interior.

Truss Supports
All OptiKit truss supports are #1 southern yellow pine or manufactured LVLs based upon the loading requirements for the building and job site. Our plans include exactly how many 20D galvanized ring shank nails to use for post to truss support connection.

Purlin are #2 2×4 spruce nailed with (2) 20d galvanized ring shank nails.

Purlin spacing is 24″ on center unless snow load and building span dictate adjustment of the spacing in the drift area. This is only required in heavy snow load areas.

OptiKits! are optimized pole barn kits available with engineer stamped plans for garages, farm buildings, RV storage, equipment storage, hay barns and more.

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