Affordable Pole Barn Homes

two story pole barn home with porch
Red & white two story pole barn home with porch

Post frame buildings require less labor, concrete for your slab, and possibly truss spacing when compared to stick built construction.

Our buildings are composed of top quality materials selected with care to ensure product quality and great pricing.

Here are some examples for major components of a pole barn home.

• #1 steel siding and roofing with a 40 year paint system warranty.
• Top quality lumber purchased direct from the mill.
• Hot dip galvanized ring shank nails everywhere, not just in exposed areas.
• Trusses specified and designed specifically for your job site and building purpose.
• Our engineers’ size the concrete footings to ensure your building will not settle.
• Uplift protection is included even in low wind areas.
• Overhead doors, entry doors, and windows are top quality and inexpensive too.
• Sliding door rails are powder coated to the same color as steel trim for a fantastic look.

There are many options for a pole barn house to make the space suitable as a home as compared to a garage or farm building.

Trusses & Roofing

Trusses on pole barns can be spaced from 2′ on center to 12′ on center depending on construction method and region. For a post frame home we suggest either 2′ on center or 4′ on center. We supply trusses with energy heels to match the depth of insulation planned for the attic.

We suggest roof sheathing with felt to eliminate noise from rain and sleet on steel roofing. The sheathing must carry loads perpendicular ‘T’ to the trusses or rafters on 2′ on center applications and perpendicular to the purlins on 4′ on center designs.

Insulation Options

Our recommendations for insulation vary with region, local code, and customer preference. Options include batts, blown fiberglass or cellulose, and blown in foam.

floor trusses

Floor trusses for post frame buildings

Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are a great option for many designs since they allow an open floor plan on the first floor.

We engineer sturdy flooring systems utilizing proper truss design and spacing. 3/4″ T&G Sturdi-Floor, liquid nail and 1 3/4″ screws are included in these systems.

Floor joists are suitable for some designs and first floor load bearing walls are an option to minimize cost on some floor plans.

bookshelf girts for pole barns

Bookshelf Girts for Pole Barns

Wall Girts

We recommend bookshelf girts 1 1/2″ wider than posts to achieve multiple purposes. Bookshelf girts are much stronger than girts nailed to the outside perimeter of the posts.

Bookshelf girts also provide the framework to finish the interior of the building, and finally by sizing them 1 1/2″ wider than the posts, they can be installed aligned with the skirt board and truss supports so these items do not have to be notched into the posts.

Foundation Posts

Laminated posts are superior to their sawn counterparts. Laminated posts have the following benefits for home construction:

• Stronger than comparable sized sawn posts
• A manufactured unit surfaced on all four sides
• Will not twist with age
• Better treatment absorption

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